Do It Yourself Wedding Decorations Do It Yourself wedding decorations is much easier than you think! See below a lovely way to turn an ordinary vase into a stunning table arrangement.

I always use products made by Smithers-Oasis - you can find them in my Floral supply store.

Besides the flowers, you'll need the products pictured below.

These easy instructions come from the designers at OASIS:

a. Take a vase of water and tint it with food coloring. I use Wilton - because the colors stay true. Mold aLOMEY Wire Collar to sit around the base. These collars come in a variety of colors

b. Take a second Wire Collar and mold to fit overthe top of a vase. This will form a natural wire cage that holds your flowers in place.

c. Attach the Wire Collars together with OASIS Metallic Wire in a color that matches the wire collar.

d. Arrange flowers through the grid work the WireCollar provides for a secure and sparkling arrangement.

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