Yellow Rose Boutonniere

If you are carrying yellow roses, a yellow rose boutonniere would be a perfect match for your groom! I usually advise brides and grooms to coordinate their flowers in this manner.

A "Suela" Rose with spectacular foliage from a Gold Dust Draceana plant is stunning.

Light up his life - and his boutonniere - with fiberoptic battery lights added to the boutonniere.

This rich looking corsage is a deep orange sweetheart rose paired with yellow rose, ribbon wrapped and nestled in sparkling bling.

Even a pale yellow rose, unadorned, needs only to be wired, taped and pinned on the lapel to be beautiful!

For just a little more, add brown hypericum and a bit of varigated ivy. Don't forget to check out the newest supplies for boutonnieres, including flower jewelry, lapel magnets, easy pins and more.

Photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

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