Wired Corsage Stems

These pre-wired corsage stems are used by professional florists to keep corsages fresh longer.  The wired stem is pre-taped with floral stem tape and the top part is a tightly wound head of absorbent material.

Once soaked in water (treated with a flower preservative), the stem is gently inserted into the base of the rose or other flowers.

Although they are promoted as making it unnecessary to wire and tape, I do insert another wire across the stem, bend it down and tape as usual.   I know . . . I'm a little nuts about keeping my flowers tight and taking no chances that they fall out of an arrangement!

I like these stems because it enables me to make the corsages a day or two in advance of the wedding date, thus saving valuable time. 

You should also spray the finished corsage with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.  This hydrates the flowers thru the petals and seals against moisture loss (which causes petals to wilt and become transparent).

Corsage making is always about using the correct products to keep the flowers fresh and lasting as long as possible.

Stay-Fresh Rose Stems are meant for roses and other larger stemmed flowers (such as cymbidium orchids).  You would be amazed to see how fast a fresh rose takes up water.

Smaller flower picks are available for the slimmer flower stems.  I do not recommend using these picks for any hollow stemmed flower, such as daffodils.  Those types of flowers are very thirsty and wilt quickly if used as a corsage or boutonniere.

Gone are the days when florists used to have to carefully bend wire around a cotton swab and insert it into a stephanotis throat.  These specially designed stems work beautifully at keeping that delicate flower fresh and beautiful.

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