Wired Bouquet Handles

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

For wired bouquet handles, I use OASIS Decorative Wire. It is easily molded, comes in a large array of designer colors and adds such a fun look to the design. An added bonus is that it is impervious to water. You can let it rest directly in a vase of water for days and just dry it off before handing it to the bride. No more soggy ribbon or last minute frantic tying of bows so they'll be crisp and clean!

I usually do wrap a little bit of iridescent ribbon around the handle to cover up any typing wire or waxed string. You can skip this step if you want to.

Choose your color of wire, then begin carefully coiling it around the handle, from the bottom up. Tuck the beginning end of the wire up under the ribbon or in between the stems of the flowers.

Once finished, the smooth handle is beautiful and comfortable to hold, shielding the bride from the raw flower stems.

As you can see, our mock hand tied wedding bouquet looks very much like the real thing! The bride was delighted with her ultra-modern look while the florist in me was satisfied that her flower stems would stay beautiful all thru her wedding day, being kept fresh and moist with an Oasis foam bouquet holder.

Now on to the final step - Finishing Touch and using floral adhesive!

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