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Make a customized wire bouquet holder using decorative wire by Oasis. It's fairly simple to do, and you can make these up ahead of time long before your wedding date.

You will need these supplies:


Lomey Wire Collar (your choice of color)
Oasis Decorative Wire
1 Iglu Holder
Fine Colored Wire (Use the rest of this wire for corsage/bout accents)

Oasis Spool Oasis Beaded Wire
Needlenose Pliers
Wire Cutters
Measuring Tape

Although the Lomey Wire Collars come in a wonderful selection of colors ready to use, I had a bride who wanted the collar to be customized in the colors that her bridesmaids were wearing. So I added coiled decorative wire to the collar in a contrasting color, then made a wire braided twisted handle to match.

First I coiled the contrasting color around a wooden spoon handle. You can use a wooden dowel rod if you want a tighter coil.

Slip the coiled wire off the dowel.

Here is what the ready made collar looks like before beginning. If you don't want a contrasting colors, you can simply made a twisted handle to match the ready made wire collar.

The length of wire you need to coil is going to depend on personal taste. The more wire - the more color added. If you don't have enough, simply coil another strand and continue adding.

Pull gently on the coil and stretch it's length. Don't pull too tightly or you'll pull all of the twist out of the wire.

Twist the end of the coiled wire into the center of the holder. It's IMPORTANT to point any cut end up INTO the bouquet holder. Don't leave cut ends facing downwards, or you could leave a sharp point to snag delicate fabrics of bridesmaids or wedding gowns.

In a circular pattern, press the wire gently in among the masses of wire that make up the bouquet holder. The wire in the holder is very pliable, so you can intertwine and bend loops of those wires to hold the contrasting wire in place.

Continue until you've added enough contrasting color to suit you, then go on to the next step of making the twisted handle for your wire bouquet holder.

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