Winter Wonderland Wedding

You can create your own winter wonderland! Wedding decorations can take on the frosty feel of the outdoors while staying cozy warm on the inside.

Put a bit of the green on each table! Miniature greens can be put in a decorative container and even planted later.

Perk up those tired fishbowls with a flower arrangement fastened to the side of it! Strong corsage magnets can hold your Iglue Oasis foam right thru the glass. Float candles on the inside for extra impact with this centerpiece.

Decorative silver wire and sparkling rhinestone pins give a great icicle shine to any floral arrangment.

Here gorgeous centerpieces are suspended high above the buffet table on ice sculptures. That that really does bring winter into the picture.

White roses, lilies and christmas greens gives a warm appeal to this vase-shaped ice sculpture.

Oriental lilies can grace a mantle, bride table or entrance foyer for a gorgeous burst of white.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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