Winter Wedding Cakes

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Here are some ideas for winter wedding cakes that will look icy cool and make your dreams come true! Regardless of the style of wedding cake you use, add some of these special touches to keep your wedding winter wonderland theme going.

Cakes, like flowers, are very versatile.

Bakers at Wilton Cakes are leading experts when providing you with the perfect pans, ornaments, ingredients and easy to follow directions.

I do suggest that you should feel very comfortable in the kitchen before attempting to bake your own wedding cake. Simpler is better if you are going to be under a lot of time constraints. Pre-making some of your adornments a couple weeks in advance will save you a lot of time in the busy days right before the the big day!

Winter Wedding Cake - Picture of Pink

Who says winter wedding cakes have to be red and green? Wilton Cakes present a beautiful rolled fondant cake in the palest of pink topped with a sleigh.

Winter Wedding Cakes Touched with Silver

Keep your wedding cake in a cool white scheme and touches of silver. These silver beads give this winter cake a trim that makes the cake tall and elegant.

Add a Frosty Sparkle to any Wedding Cakes!

Sparkling Sugar by Wilton Cakes gives a brrrr to the frosting. Looks frozen . . tastes really yummy!

White on Off-White Gives a Beautiful Winter Look

Icicle Tiers Between Layers

If you liked the tiered look, icicles can make those wedding cakes into dramatic towers. Fresh flowers to match your wedding can be tucked in between the layers of the cake and around the base.

Water fountains tinted a pale blue will give a chilly waterfall effect to your cake.

The plates and icicles screw apart. You can use or or less level according to your own taste. You can purchase Wilton columns, tiers and separator plates in my Affiliate store. Check the column to the right.

Fire and Ice Voltive Candles

Add the final touches on your bridal cake table with votive candles surrounded by sparkling ice. This wonderful table decorations can be used on the bridal table, cake table, or wherever you need "a touch of ice".

Remember to choose your wedding cake by the style and shape. . . not by the colors in the pictures. Colors, flowers, etc. can always be changed to match your wedding and tastes!

I hope these photos of winter wedding cakes have helped you plan your wedding with STYLE!! If you would like to have more photos to choose from, Wilton Cake Decorating books are filled with wonderful ideas, how to's, and more! It's so much fun and you will use these books for a long time to come for parties, celebrations and holidays.

All photos and designs are courtesy of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

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