Wine Goblet Wedding Favor

Italian wedding favors bring a touch of romance to any table. This wine goblet can hold name cards and rest at each place setting for an elegant touch.

Say "Olive" you in a whole new way! These bottles can be personalized. They are filled with imported extra virgin olive oil. Choose from the chili, rosemary, and bay leaves of the Balsoli dipping oil and Balsamic vinaigrette or the rich, nutty flavor of the Kalamata oil from Crete, Greece.

These oils are filled with flavor and are wonderful wedding favors that are great for dipping or cooking. You know it's Greek olive oil at its best!

Choose from two flavors: Balsoli Dipping Oil & Vinaigrette or Kalamata Olive Oil.

Personalized with name and wedding date on the label 2 oz. glass bottle with red shrink wrap on top Sold as a case of 12 Bottle measures 1 ¼" x 1 ¼" x 5 ¼"

Please note: The wax on top is now gold instead of red for the Kalamata oil only.

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