Wholesale Wedding Flowers

Wholesale wedding flowers are typically sold to professional flower shops that hold a retail license to resell floral products.  In fact - the true definition of wholesale is products being sold in large quantities  for the purpose of retailing those products to others.

An example would be that a flower distributor (wholesaler) has to buy baby's breath in large quantities of grower bunches, thus they add their markup and sell individual grower bunches to various flower shops.  They may give the flower shop a break if THEY purchase in case lots.

Consumers buying directly from a wholesaler doesn't automatically  guarantee you get the same prices and discount that wholesale distributors get.   You may actually be paying retail price while still being forced to buy in case lots (5 - 10 growers bunches at a time).

When I first started my website - I had no intention of selling fresh flowers.  My first intention was to sell a few hard goods (products like flower food, bouquet holders, containers and other things florists use).  I was just going to refer my own brides to other websites that sell fresh flowers directly online.

I became dismayed by the hype that surrounds the online flower industry.  Claims of selling cheap flowers is sometimes an illusion.  Greenery seems to be marked especially high and may be priced beyond what the average DIY bride would want to pay even though she has to buy a minimum of 5 to 10 bunches.

Be skeptical of claims of "retail" prices.  Those are sometimes inflated while the price they are charging is much closer to retail.

When I saw the minimums that wholesale sites were demanding my brides buy.  That's fine for a bride who wants nothing but roses.  But what if she wants to buy the mixture of flowers and greens that I demonstrate in my free flower tutorials?

I decided to  add fresh flowers to my online store so brides like you can actually buy in single bunches rather than in huge quantities.

This allows brides to be more creative and achieve the look of professional bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres without destroying their flower budget!

Comparison Shop

It comes down to whether you want to be in complete control of what you buy and how much of each product you need.  It doesn't make sense to have to buy 10 bunches of Spray Asters (a filler flower) if you only need one bunch

Spray asters are a cheap flower loved by florists and commonly used to "fill in" vases, bouquets and centerpieces.  Each single stem has multiple blooms on it.  This hardy flower holds up well in both boutonniere and corsage work.

One bunch (not ten!) would typically be more than enough to accent 10 - 15 corsages and boutonnieres.

However, many well known flower sites require that you purchase a minimum of 10 bunches or more to get their "cheap" price.  If you want to compare - simply type in "wholesale wedding flowers" into your browser and check out some of the flowers offered.  

Search for "asters purple" .  Now read the fine print.  Are they requiring you to buy at least 5 (or more) bunches?  What is the total you have to spend?  If they sell by single bunches - how much higher is the single bunch price?

Are you a little startled at the price?  Are they asking that you buy almost a $60 to $80 worth of spray asters?

Here's a pricing sample from my own store (note the box outlined in red).  You can purchase in single grower bunches.  

  • *Please note that prices shown above may change after this date due to market fluctuations

I will not claim that the prices in my store are wholesale.  I can't afford to sell flowers without a markup.  But I do try to keep the prices reasonable and allow a DIY bride to save money by providing her own labor.   I try to keep the shipping prices close to actual costs.

Please note that if you ONLY need one single bunch of leather, or a single bunch filler flower, ect - the overnight charges may cost you more than the flowers.  Why?  Because the shipping fees for overnight fresh product is high.  I cannot sell you one bunch of leather, make a profit of $3.00 - and then ship to you for $5.00 while the express company charges me $30.  I wouldn't stay in business long.  

You will save money if you order an assortment of flowers and/or products - because I stock everything needed to create beautiful flower designs

The added plus?  I carry professional floral supplies, including bouquet holders, centerpiece foam, inexpensive containers and don't require you to buy high minimum.   It's literal "one stop shopping" to get everything you need in one place.

I've now noticed that some of flower wholesalers are now stocking Oasis products - the same as I do.  But again - are you asked to buy a minimum quantity?

Do you really need 12 Floracages?  What if you only have two candelabras and don't NEED 12 cages?

It's not enough to have the lowest price - if you insists that the customer buy more than she needs!  

If you are going to have an "over the top" wedding with everything blanketed in flowers, where you need 7 - 10 bunches of every flower and every greenery variety and need large amounts of florist foam - then take advantage of their "free shipping".

If you want to have more control over your spending, buy singles bunches, mixing and matching exactly what you want - then check out my store and comparison shop carefully BEFORE making that commitment to buy!

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