Wholesale Ribbon

The wholesale ribbon used by professional florists and wedding coordinators come on a much larger bolt than usually available through a discount store. The yardage is generally 50 to 100 feet (sometimes 25 yards depending on the width of the ribbon). Although ribbon from a wholesale source seems expensive, in actuality it is cheaper by the yard.

You also have the advantage of the product all coming from the same dye lot. Buying the smaller spools means you usually have only enough for one or two bows, thereby needing to buy a lot of bolts in order to have enough for your decorating project.

The ribbon below is available through our affiliate store links. There is a great assortment of personalized ribbon plus favor ribbon in a large array of colors and materials.

I do have standard ribbon available in my online floral store that comes directly from a wholesale warehouse. True wholesale prices available to florists usually require a retail licensing and buying in larger quantities. I provide the same products in smaller quantities, giving the Do-It-Yourself bride access to the same products that florists purchase.

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