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Processing Bulk Wedding Flowers

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There are a few wholesale floral supply products that I consider essential for the "Do It Yourself" bride not to skip. These are products that professional florists buy in huge quantities (gallons or even barrels!). So it's frustrating for brides to find these same wholesale products for their own use.

I make a special point to carry these products in much smaller quantities so they are much more affordable to brides making their own wedding flowers.

The products below are the same ones I use myself when designing a fresh flower wedding. The cost is minimal when you realize that every one of these products is meant to either nourish, speed blooming, protect from wilt or otherwise extend the life of your fresh flowers.

Start with Clean Buckets

Although professional florists do use certain products to clean their flower buckets, you can do the same with some regular household bleach. Scour out the buckets before using with bleach water. A weak residue of bleach in the buckets will not hurt your flowers - rather it will keep down bacteria from forming that can spell death for your flowers. Just don't get under the impression that if some is good - more is better!!

A capful of bleach in a five gallon bucket is fine for scouring out the bucket. There is no need to rinse. Do not use soap in the buckets which can be harmful to some flowers.

Flower Food

Professional flower food is far better for your bulk wedding flowers than any "home remedy". Flowers are dry packed at a flower farm, literally being "put to sleep" until they arrive at your door.

When you process your flowers, you are in effect "waking them up". It's vital for long life to cut the stems underwater - so that their first "gulp" is water - not air. Air pockets can form in the stems and prevent water uptake. This is where the common "bent neck" in roses comes from. Healthy flowers processed correctly last much longer.

Do not skimp on the flower food - but measure carefully and use the correct amount of water per the directions. Too little may do little good and too much is plain wasteful. The Crystal Clear flower food below comes in a handy 8 oz bottle that you squeeze and pour out of a handy measure spout, allowing you to get the correct amount each time.

Flower Hydration

Floralife Quick Dip is a wholesale floral supply treatment that is ready-to-use right out of the container. After cutting your dry pack flower bunches under water, dunk the cut end of the stems for a quick "one second" dip in this solution.

Doing this will help prevent prevent bent neck, wilting and stem plugging. It rather "wakes up" the flower and helps it suck up water to the flower head immediately after being cut for the first time. Quick Dip does speed up the process of the opening flower head, which is a plus when you want the flowers perfect for your wedding day! It doesn't take a great deal - one pint should more than process the flowers for one wedding.

I also include Crystal Clear in water when soaking any Oasis product, thus creating a good habit of extending my flower life in any design I create.

Flower Sealant

This is one product I cannot design without. Finishing Touch is one wholesale floral supply item that is used by professional shops everywhere. It is ready-to-use finishing flower sealer. It can be sprayed on any flowers, fresh flower arrangements, bouquets ) to freshen, rehydrate and protect delicate petals and blooms.

I throughly mist my wedding flowers after they've been cut and in the water buckets, I spray them before handling them to design and I spray the finished design. If it's a day or two before the wedding - I always resoak the Oasis in nutrient mixed water AND remist with the Finishing Touch. Don't skip this step!!

Leaf Polish

Dry packed greenery use arrives looking a little splotchy or dirty. The leaves have generally been rinsed off before packing, but drys sometimes leaving a powdery white residue (left from the evaporated water.)

A good leaf polish sprayed lightly on the leaves gives a beautiful, glossy finish. It seals the leaves and helps keep them fresh looking. Don't overspray, since it could leave an oily feeling on the leaves. This wholesale floral supply product does for greenery what Finishing Touch does for flowers.

Well . . that's pretty much my "I wouldn't do without them" list of wholesale floral supply products for fresh cut flowers and greens. With these and quality Oasis foam - your wedding flowers will look as lovely as if a professional did them!

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