White Wedding Bouquets

Small Teardrop Shaped Pomander

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This pomander compliments a larger white wedding bouquet  featured on this website.  You can use this bouquet as either attendant's or flower girl's design.

To create a similar look, check out the supply and flower list below.

Suggested Retail Price:  $100.00 or higher

You'll need the following flowers and products in order to design this bridal bouquet:

Detailed step-by-step photo tutorials of basic bouquets can be found in my "how to" section on this website.  Detailed explanation of how professionals create wedding designs can be found there.

Flower Calculator is found on my store site, making it easy for you to decide exactly how many flowers you will need to order for your own wedding.

Always process your bulk wedding flowers the way a professional florist would.  This processing and other flower treatments is what sets professionals apart from amateurs.

Float soak your netted sphere in water that has been treated with cut flower food.  This flower food is the key to nourishing each flower and has been proven that flowers last longer because of it.

Cutting them short, insert your roses first, spacing them out across the flower ball.  The longer the length of your stems, the bigger the bouquet will be. If the bouquet owner is a small child, keep the flowers tight against the ball to minimize the size.

Try to insert only once, as pulling the flower stems in and out will degrade the foam. Cut longer staggered stems for the bottom, creating your cascade effect.

Next, add the miniature white carnations in a similar manner - again spacing out.

Cut the white stock into pieces and tuck in between roses and carnations.  Add a long piece in the bottom of the foam ball for the cascadee effect.  Work to keep a smooth, teardrop shape.

After design is complete, carefully spray the base of the stems with Floralock.  Be careful not to overdo or the glue will drip down on onto the flower heads.  Pay special attention to the longer cascade section.  This part must be secure so the stems don't slide out of the bottom of the foam sphere.

When finished, spray the flowers with Finishing Touch to seal the bouquet.  Store by hanging finished bouquets in cool area away from light.  Refrigerate if possible.

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