White Wedding Bouquets

Hand Tied Freesia Bouquet

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This pictured white wedding bouquet is a hand tied design.  This can be rather challenging for an inexperienced designer.  I suggest you check out my mock hand tied tutorial pages.  You can get the same look - but the flowers are secure and are receiving a water supply throughout the wedding day.

See the flower and product list below the image for details on creating this look.

Suggested Retail Price:  $164.00 or higher

You'll need the following flowers and products in order to design this bridal bouquet:

Note:  The above list shows the flowers or greens used in the picture - but those flowers are sometimes seasonal and/or expensive.  I substitute suggested  flowers/greens that will give a similar look - yet be much more reasonable in cost and availability.

Detailed step-by-step photo tutorials of basic bouquets can be found in my "how to" section.  Learn basic techniques plus the proper use of certain florist supplies that will keep your flowers fresh longer.

A Flower Calculator can be found in my online store to help you decide exactly how many flowers you need for your total wedding.

Always process your bulk wedding flowers as suggested.  I walk you through this procedure.  It shows how to properly hydrate and cut the flowers the same way a flower shop does.

I highly recommend creating a "mock hand tied".  The look is similar - but the flowers hold up better because they have a continued water source.

Float soak your bouquet holder in water that has been treated with fresh flower food. 

Cut and insert snapdragons, using their natural curve to point outward from the center of the bouquet.  The length of these flowers will determine the overall size of your bouquet.  Cut shorter in for the center of the bouquet and longer as you move towards the outside of the bouquet.

Cut your stock flower into two pieces and insert their stems evenly over the bouquet, tucking in between the snapdragons. 

Try to insert only once, as pulling the flower stems in and out will degrade the foam.

Next, add the white freesia in a similar manner - again spacing out.

Clean discarded stems and add to the bouquet handle, taping with BindIt tape. 

Finishing by filling in any holes in the design with the seeded eucalyptus.  Frame the outer part of the bouquet with seeded eucalyptus, pittosporum and italian ruscus.  Be sure the lower portion of the stems are bare of any leaves.  Attach greenery with BindIt tape. 

Tie ribbon around handle to conceal Bind-It tape.  Pin with pearl headed corsage pins to hold in place.

After design is complete, carefully spray the base of the flower stems with Floralock.  Be careful not to overdo or the glue will drip down on the bouquet holder handle.

When finished, spray the flowers with Finishing Touch to seal the bouquet.  Store finished bouquets in cool area away from light.  Refrigerate if possible.

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