White Wedding Bouquet

Easy Flower Tutorial

This white wedding bouquet is fast nearing completion.  It does seem to me that there is another open "hole" below the center rose.

This rose is above the cascade, so it will have a short stem when inserted.  Make your stems too long and they will start crowding each other in the foam head.

Step back and examine your bouquet design.  I do want some of that interesting greenery to show, so at this point I'm only going to fill in any obvious gaps in the sides or upper portion of the bouquet.

Place this rose facing upwards . . . yet slightly tilting inwards to center.

I'm liking the finishing look - but am sure to look at the design from both sides.

Don't be afraid to tuck a few of the last roses in deeper - I really don't want a "round" look as much as a free style cascade.

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