White Rose Boutonniere

Cutting Off Pearl Pins to Shorter Length

I'm going to add decorative pearls to this white rose boutonniere as that one last "finishing touch".   

To do so, I'll have to cut pearl corsage pins down to a shorter length.  Be sure to don protective safety glasses to protect your eyes in case a sharp metal point goes flying.

Don't feel limited to white.  Corsage pearl pins come in a lot of different colors to match different wedding schemes.

After putting on your safety glasses, bury the pin into a stiff block of dry florist foam and snip with a heavy pair of wire cutters.  Place your finger on top of the pearl so it doesn't go flying.

The pin should be short enough that it doesn't go through the other side of the boutonniere.  Push the pin in at an upward slant.

I place my first pin right under the wax flower and push upward and bury the sharp point.

You can dip the shank of the pin in white glue before inserting if you want to assure that it doesn't come out.

Continue adding pins until you are happy with the design.

Four pins down the stem assures that the ribbon stays firmly in place.  The extra pin is inserted deep into the curled end of the tail.

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