White Daisy Wedding Bouquet

Floralock Adhesive

Floralock adhesive is what professional florists use to keep bouquet stems secure in wet floral foam.  Shake can throughly before using.  Insert the attached straw securely into the nozzle head.  

Insert the red straw deep into the bouquet and give quick, short bursts.  Do not overspray, or you could have glue adhesive dripping down the sides of your bouquet and making your handle sticky.

Don't miss the underside where the leaves are inserted.  Give a few quick sprays to be sure leaves are securely attached to the foam.

Clean the discarded stems that were left over from when you cut off the flower heads.  Remove any leaves and make sure the stems are smooth and clean.

You'll need enough stems to cover the handle mechanics.  

Typical daisy stems will be long enough to cut in half to double the amount of stems you have to work with.

Cut the top of the stems at a sharp, diagonal angle that will insert upwards into the leaves in the underside of the bouquet design.

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