White Daisy Corsage

Lovely white daisy corsage ideas for your approval. I wanted to show some different design styles so you realize that it's the DESIGN - not just the flowers - that makes you fall in love with it.  Don't miss my step by step corsage tutorials, showing different techniques (including gluing and traditional wire and tape).

Here is a nice Spring mix - that includes a spray rose, white daisies, button pomps, miniature carnations, yellow static, waxflower and babies breath.  It is surrounded by sword fern tips, but you could easily substitute leather leaf fern.

This daisy design has a slight crescent shape to it. This makes it interesting, with the focal point being the three clusters of daisies in the center.  Silk corsage leaves and sparkle corsage ribbon completed the look.

Another mixed corsage - but see how changing the color of the mini carnations to red makes a more powerful impact. 

Now this one is strictly daisies! Lovely little cascade with the flowers heads getting smaller down near the bottom point.

These tutorials can work for both boutonnieres and corsages.  Add a bow if you wish (or a second bloom) or just use wire and pearls as accents for your women corsages.

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