White Boutonnieres

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White Boutonnieres look very elegant against a dark tux. My first advice to the bride is to always make the groom's boutonniere a little nicer than the others. My second advice is to use a flower for the boutonniere that matches something from the bridal bouquet.

This ribbon wrapped white boutonniere can pass for either a corsage or a boutonniere. It is made with Star of Bethlehem and green hypericum berries. Again, always coat every bloom with a flower sealant.

Check out the latest bout accessories . . . easy pins or magnets. So much better than struggling to pin thru those bulk tux lapels!

These white double dutch tulips are so pretty as a wedding boutonniere. They are accented with green hypericum berries.

This type of boutonniere has a special ribbon wrap called a "French Cuff". Using a wider #9 satin ribbon, you wrap the stem from the sides and secure with pearl headed Pixie pins. Snip the ends of the ribbon into a point.

This unique boutonniere is two or three freesia blooms rolled up into a salal leave. You use Oasis Floral Adhesive to attach the blooms to the leaf.

White boutonnieres made from dendrobium orchids must be handled with care. These delicate blossoms can brown from the oils on your hands.

Note the decorative backing of satin ribbon and the bead pick. This boutonniere is also glued with Oasis Floral Adhesive.

A single stephanotis bloom is used for this boutonniere. It is backed with myrtle leaves and accented with decorative wire and bead. This is such a quick boutonniere to make!

This flower boutonniere is a classic - an elegant white rose. Accented with green hypericum berries and variegated pittosporum, it is a solid choice every time!

White boutonnieres made from miniature calla lilies run as a great favor among today's brides as well! Keep the trimmings simple and let the elegance of the flower speak for itself!

This boutonniere is wrapped with a stem of lily grass and secured with Oasis Floral Adhesive.

Photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

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