Weddings in Red

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Weddings in red have a certain "exotic" appeal and these pictures below are no exception!

Submerging water loving flowers such as tulips make for an interesting centerpiece. Be sure to weight the flowers down or place in frog picks, or the flowers will float.

Amaryllis and Black Magic roses create an air of mystery that is a bright splash of color against an all white wedding dress.

If mothers or grandmothers don't care to wear corsages, attaching flowers to a purse or handbag is a charming alternative.

Velvety Kangaroo Paw, Gerbera daisies and Black Bacarra roses are stunning in an one color bouquet in a simple gold vase.

Allow tulips to bend gracefully out of a short vase while nestling a bunch of red hypericum in the mouth of the container.

This tropical centerpiece shows that you don't need a huge quantity of flowers for exotic appeal. Brightly colored antherium is fabulous with curly willow, yellow calla lilies and foxtail fern.

Deep hued roses and black-eyed Gerberas are awesome in a vase made of red glass.

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