Weddings in Blue

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Weddings in blue - especially Tiffany blue - are all the rage! This is the signature color of the famous jewelry store and the brides find it chic to include accents such as wedding favors, napkins, table colorings, floral containers and more.

Orchids, hydrangeas and roses turn an ordinary stacked cake into a stunning display.

Don't be afraid to mix shades of blue - creating YOUR signature color.

A cozy bridal table for two is covered with luscious dendrobium orchids spilling over from a centerpiece.

For a darker shade of blue, be sure to seek out blue delphinium. This vibrant flower is stunning and in one of the few flowers that comes in this color naturally.

Using decorative wire, you can quickly make your own napkin rings to create a dramatic display for your table setting without the big price tag!

All photos courtesy Smither Oasis. All rights reserved.

All the above arrangements were made with Oasis products. I carry a full line of Oasis in my store for the DIY brides who would like to make their own wedding flowers. Be sure to click on the bottom tutorials links to see how easy it is to create beautiful centerpieces, bridal bouquets and corsages.

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