Wedding Vows

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What do you want your wedding vows to be? Whether spiritual, Christian, funny or serious, writing your own written sentiments can add a special touch to your wedding ceremony.

Writing Your Own Vows

Think it's too hard to write your own wedding vows? Although you may struggle to put into words how you feel about one another, there is something deeply satisfying about writing your own vows.

The word "vows" means to promise solemnly and take an oath. This is one of the deepest promises you make to another person. In my mind this is very important and worth at least the same amount of time you devote to picking out wedding china!

Simpler words come easier to some couples than saying a bunch of thees and thous.

Take an evening with your love (hopefully sooner than the rehearsal night) and both take a sheet of paper. Give yourselves some starting sentences for each other to complete. Such as:

I will love you until:

I promise to:

The best thing between us is:

Will you

I love you because

Perhaps this will give you a good start on writing your own vows!

Funny Wedding Vows

Often injecting humor into wedding vows (especially when unexpected!) can delight the family and friend who come to witness the wedding.

A chuckle swept over the crowd at a wedding I attended. The minister, while the groom obediently repeated the vows to his adoring bride, paused a moment when the minister instructed,

"I, Dallas, take thee, Megan to be my wedded wife. For richer, for poorer, for sickness and in health, for low insurance rates and high insurance rates, so long as we both shall live."

The whole crowd burst into laughter (as well as the bride and groom) realizing that the long-suffering father of the bride was making it clear that he was turning over all responsibility of his accident-prone daughter to her new husband!

You realize even more the significance of this when I tell you that the bride inadvertently caused a mishap during the honeymoon that ended up with the groom in a cast for the remainder of their stay in Hawaii!

Choose things that can be shared humor . . . but never tasteless. You want your wedding day remembered in a loving and lighthearted way . . . not one to leave people shaking their heads as they leave.

Traditional Wedding Vows

Traditional pledges are usually simply stated (whether in old English or modern day terms.

A simple example would be, “I, John, promise to love and cherish you, Jane, for as long as we both shall live."

This may or many not contains references to God or Christianity as preferred by the bride and groom. Be sure to make clear to the minister or officiate your preference.

Wedding Vow Renewal

Many couples like to celebrate landmarks in their life, such as a wedding anniversary, to renew their wedding vows.

Although they are not generally as large an affair as a first time wedding, these ceremonies can be very touching and a wonderful way to reaffirm your love for your partner.

Perhaps you can rewrite your original vows to include some of the deepest trials and greatest moments of happiness in your lives. This could be things such as supporting each other through an illness, the birth of your children or other momentous occasions.

Traditional Christian Wedding Vow

Christian wedding vows usually contain prayers and bible references. Traditional bible verses may include:

Old Testament:

Genesis 2:20-25 Isaiah 61:10-62,3 Proverbs 3:1-6 Psalms 100 Song of Solomon - Chapter 2:10-13 Song of Solomon 7:10-12

New Testament:

John 15:9-17 Mark 10:6-9 1 Corinthians 13 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 1 John 4:7-12 Colossians 3:12-19 Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Free Sample Wedding Vows

Pastors, ministers and other wedding officiants can give you guidance when needing samples of wedding vows.

There is always an abundance of sample vows on the internet. You can find thousands of free wedding vows at The Wedding Link Library . By taking a simple survey, you will have access to lots of vows while getting free coupons and name brand offers.

I strongly suggest you open a NEW e-mail account just for wedding offers. This keeps out the potential of a lot of spam in your regular e-mail account!

You may also glean some suggestions from these printed vows and personalize some of them into something of your own.

Wedding Vows and Wedding Poems

Are you both romantics at heart? Write each other your own wedding vows in the form of a poem. Remember . . . that all poems do not need to rhyme.

Write in short sentences and stop often to read it aloud to yourself to see how the ebb and flow of the writing goes.

Need some inspiration? Go read some of the more famous love poems by respected writers like Robert Browning, John Keets, Lord Byron, Robert Whitman and more.

Many are short and would fit easily into a lovely wedding ceremony.

Wedding Vows that Include Children

A lovely way to meld a family (including children from one or both sides) is to bring your children into your promises to love one another.

I think this can be important . . . even if the children are now grown.

Perhaps you can involve grown children by having them "give away" their mother rather than her parents.

You may choose to have your new melded family participate in aUnity Sand Ceremony. Instead of lighting candles, each member of the new family take turns pouring colored sand into a clear vase or jar that mingles colors of their choice.

It's a sweet way to symbolize the combining of several lives.

Wedding Pledges in Song

Are one or both of you musically inclined? Perhaps your future husband would be more comfortable singing you a special song or serenading you with a song written especially for you.

My son-in-law is very talented. He played his guitar and sang a song to my daughter that he had written to her in high school. Although he reworked some of the lyrics, you can see by her spellbound face that it meant the world to her!

There wasn't a dry eye in the house by the time he was finished (including Daniel!) Many people shared with me later how touched they were to see so much love expressed with such feeling.

They were amazed by his talent and obvious love expressed by a song written just for her.

Best Advice for Your Vows to Each Other

With all the weddings I've attended (believe me . . it's been a lot in my business!) my best advice is to write your vows down.

Even if you have it memorized inside and out, keep a copy with you, or with your attendants or minister.

Nerves can play a lot of tricks on you. Remember even Princess Di stammered over her husband's many names. It will give you more confidence if you have the words written down to refer to if necessary.

They make a nice keepsake later to incorporate into your momentos of the perfect wedding day!

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