Wedding Table Centerpieces

Wedding Table Decor for the Bridal Table

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Wedding table centerpieces and waterfall sprays off the head table have to be beautiful. After all - everybody's eyes will be on the bride and groom seated there.

I used to spend a lot of time placing greenery on the edges of the tables, tucking in flowers here and there. I also had to be sure to have a heavy base so my cascading sprays would stay put.

No more! Smithers-Oasis has produced some floral products that make creating beautiful flower decorations so easy!

As a professional wedding florist, I am always looking for ways to save time. Time is money.

To the do-it-yourself bride, it is even more. Time is precious because you have SO MANY THINGS TO DO!!!

Let me show you how to make wedding table centerpieces that are super easy to make and transport!

I was introduced to this handy floral product when I (again . . I keep repeating this on each page, it seems!) went to Florida on a SAF convention.

I couldn't resist sneeking a peek behind the scenes where lots of top of the line florists were busily creating masterpieces for the Florist Convention.

(Talk about pressure - designing for other florists has to keep you on your toes! Every detail will be noticed!) I saw a designer busily poking flowers into this long brick that was wrapped in plastic.

I was hooked! It was so simple - everything is built in. No taping, no wiring onto a base - nothing. Just soak the foam in water (treated with flower food) and start poking the flowers in!

How to Make a Bridal Centerpiece

Now pay attention . . . this gets really complicated.

Soak, cut and poke.

Think there should be more? Can't get more simple than that!

Think of all the possibilities . . . these flower arrangements can be used on the edge of the bride table, in the center of long tables,

on steps of the santuary . . . it goes on and on!!

What Better Wedding Table Centerpiece . . . than your own Wedding Bouquet?

Your bouquet has to rest somewhere during the wedding reception. What better use than to make it do double duty as a decoration on your head table!

This LOMEY® Design Vase (Straight Style) is sized perfectly to hold your bouquet safely on your bridal table so all can admire it throughout the night.

Decorating with Round Wedding Table Centerpieces

Are all your wedding tables round - including the bride and groom table? Toast the night away with OASIS® Design Rings. Decorate with the flowers of your choice. Add a plastic bowl in the center, fill with ice and your table centerpieces hold your champagne ready for the toasting!

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