Wedding Stand Tutorial

Attaching the Oasis Cage

Keep in mind that whether you are greening a cage for a floral stand or for a candelabra - the basic principals are the same.  You have to choose the right cage, soak it and then securely attach it to the stand.

I had simple wooden stands custom made for me.  So many brides are shying away from the brassware and the warmth of the wood fits beautifully in both a casual or formal setting.

Check wedding rental companies in your area to see what church equipment is available.

I generally begin by using a few strips of florist clay on the flat surface.  This bonds tightly to the smooth side of the cage and is added security to keeping it in place.  This is not an absolute necessity - but if you have the clay available it's a good idea.

Secure attachment is vital because you'll be transporting a designed floral.  Preventing slippage or shifting of the design is crucial to quick setup before the ceremony.

Note that Oasis cages have handles and tabs with holes drilled.  This is to give a handy place to thread wire for attachment to stands, candelabras and easels.

Thread a 22 or 26 gauge  wire through the eye of the tab.

Twist tightly to create a strong attachment.

Slip the wire under or around the stand and thread through the hole in the handle on the other end of the cage.

Give the wire a few twists down, making sure you have a tight bond from end to end.

When you need to break down the arrangements after the wedding is over, all it will take is a quick snip of wire cutters to remove the arrangement from the stand.

Tug lightly on the cage to be sure that it is firmly attached to the candelabra.  Wet foam and lots of greenery and flowers is HEAVY.  The sign of a professional florist is that the mechanics are securely attached and (eventually) hidden by the flowers or greenery.

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