Wedding RSVP Example

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If you need a wedding rsvp example to go by, check out the various types below. This small cards will give you a general idea of how many guests to expect. This is invaluable when you have to give numbers to the carterers or decide how many bulletins to print.

To encourage your guests to respond, it's advisable to include self-addressed, stamped envelopes to make it as painless as possible! You can even include a web address for them to respond to if you think it would give you better results! Invariably, some guests will not return and you will have to follow up on these guests to get a solid answer.

What Does RSVP Mean?

RSVP is short for the french phrase répondez s'il vous plaît. Simply stated, it means "reply please". Rules of etiquette in most cultures require that formal, written invitation is recieved, the recipient should return a prompt reply.

For hosts who are planning a wedding or reception,it is important because they need to know how many people to expect and how much food and drink to buy.

It is also simply the simple courtesy of responding to someone who was kind enough to invite the guest, even if it is to regret or decline the invitation.

RSVP Wording

If you are stumped as to the wording to use - follow one of the examples below. It is not necessary to have formal r.s.v.p. cards printed. You can easily create your own on cards purchased from an office supply store.

Always be clear and precise as to the information you are requesting.

Wedding RSVP Example Cards (Printed on a Computer)

Be sure to list the date you need a reply by. (Usually at least six weeks before the wedding).

With these wedding rsvp example above, it goes a step further by asking for a meat choice. It is helpful to know how many prefer what choice. It narrows down the amount you order from the caterer.

You can fill in the name of your guest or let them do it. It is a good idea to number the response cards in an inconspicious place in the back in a corner. That way if the guest doesn't write in their name, you still know who it is from!

The print font can go a long way into conveying a "formal" or "casual" atmosphere.

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Don't go so far overboard with the print, however, that makes it hard to read or understand what you want.

You can copy any of these rsvp wedding example cards by right clicking on your mouse, choose "copy image" and pasting in a photo program. Play with your own colors and changed wording!

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