Wholesale Wedding Roses

Take the time to  compare the cost of wholesale wedding roses when buying bulk flowers online.   Often you are required to buy large quantities of flowers while not really getting the same "wholesale price" that professional flower shops pay.

Although "free shipping" sounds like a deal, the price is usually upped high enough to cover those extra shipping costs and handling fees.

Roses will always be a favorite when used for wedding flowers.  I have many examples of designs that incorporate roses.

I was not always happy to recommend online wedding sites that sell roses and other bulk wedding flowers.  It seems to me that they require a large purchase to get a reasonable price.  I therefore started offering fresh flowers along with the floral supplies I already offered.  I'll never claim to sell "wholesale" - but I will give you a fair price and not require that you buy excessive amounts of greenery or flowers in order to purchase from my store.

You will find step by step tutorials teaching how to properly process your bulk flowers  plus free tutorials on create rose bouquets, corsages, boutonieres and more.

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