Wedding Ring Pillows

It isn't necessary to buy expensive wedding ring pillows, when with a few flowers or ribbon you can create your own look. Florist have decorating ring pillows for years simply by pinning on flower corsages or trimming with gorgeous satin.

With a little garland of grapevine and the addition of a few stephantois can make a pillow fabulous!

Here's a unique, updated look! Simple material from the fabric store turns into chic with a circlet of stephanotis.

A gorgeous pillow can be made by gluing flower heads with floral adhesive.

You can create heart patterns, monograms or other stencils bound only by your imagination.

A little beaded trim and a pinned flower creates a stunning look.

Basket ribbon weaving can be done with fabric glue as well.

Simply tie a bow as you would wrap a gift package for a timeless look. Fabric ribbon works best for this project.

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