Wedding Ribbon on Bouquet Handles

Tying wedding ribbon on bouquet handles has been a long time standard with florists. Here are some creative ways for you to add a little something special to your bouquet handles.

A simple satin bow can add quite a lot to a bridal bouquet. If you prefer the softer satin that is like the type you see in fabric stores, try to buy one with a stiffening in it - such as filament or wired edges. The bow will stand up much straighter and keep it's crispness.

For a different look, keep your flower stems much longer than usual. This scepter type bouquet can have ribbons tied at intervals all the way down the stems.

Investigate the use of interesting ribbons, such as this combination of sheer and satin on the same length.

Try mixing different colors or fabrics, such as this sheer and solid variation.

A simple technique is to ribbon wrap the handle, secure with colored pearl pins and then tie a simple shoe lace bow at the top.

You can wire individual loops of decorative wedding ribbon, placing and taping the loops one at a time. Then ribbon wrap part way down the stem to cover the corsage tape.

Be sure your ribbon ends aren't frayed and have a neat diagonal, straight or "v" cut on the bottom for a finished look.

Wired ribbon is so easy to work with because it holds it's shape so well.

You can even incorporate interesting patterned ribbon into your design as a gorgeous frame to your bouquet.

Although it looks like a complicated french braid, this ribbon is simple looped around the back, the two lengths are twisted in the front, looped around to the back again and repeated.

The front twist can be kept even down the stem by securing with pearl pins.

Many different finishes can be done, experimenting with folding ribbons and pinning or other unique looks. Secure each separate fold with a decorative pin before placing the the fold on top of it.

Polka dots have gained popularity in the last few years as a lovely accent to bows, bouquets and gift boxes.

You can surround your bouquet or just make it a one-sided bow like the flowers below.

More intricate designs can be made with ribbon, such as folding into a imitation leaf collar design such as the one below.

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