Wedding Red Rose Bouquet

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A wedding red rose bouquet is by far the most popular of all! See picture examples of a red and white wedding bouquet, a design of red roses combined other flowers, and more.

Red and Gold Wedding Bouquet

>Gold ribbon and gold beads in an after Christmas bin turned into a show stopping red and gold wedding bouquet. Look on those clearance aisles!

Black Magic Roses

The exotic color of these deep burgandy roses can turn your bridal flowers into magic.

Red and White Roses

This wedding bouquet of red roses, white dendrobium orchids and white gardenias is timeless classic.

Calla Lilies and Roses

I consider this one of the loveliest wedding bouquets I ever made. The gold calla lilies and red roses give this autumn bouquet an exotic flair.

This simple fishbowl centerpiece is stunning with a cluster of white calla lily and burgandy roses.

Here is a slightly different version with white calla lily, white glads and red roses.

Want to carry one single rose? This is how a presentation rose looks with babies' breath and leatherleaf fern.

Many brides have the ambition (and the help of good family and friends!) to create and design their own florals. The problem isn't usually skill - but the availability of fresh flower supplies.

Florists are usually reluctant to sell wholesale products to their customers because they would rather do the designing themselves. (Can't say that I blame them!)

So where DO you buy what you need? Check out my online store.

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