Wedding Reception Pictures

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Wedding reception pictures can say it all . . . these breathtaking photos can give you lots of ideas. See what you think of these lovely photos of wedding reception decorations.

White Wedding Lights add Drama

Adding spotlights behind your wedding table or under skirting can create a dramatic effect that showcases your head table. See how these wedding reception photos are greatly enhanced by the lighting.

All eyes will be trained on the head wedding table - especially in a darkened room. Also note there are podiums in the both photos with a microphone. This will be sure to get your guest's attention and make sure they hear every word of the toasts and other announcements.

Make the Centerpieces Tall or Low

Using tall centerpieces in a large room can help fill up the space. But choose between either tall or low . . otherwise it is difficult for your guests to see across the table to converse with one another.

Transporting tall centerpieces can be a challenge, however. You can achieve the same effect in a cheaper way by attaching wedding balloons to each low centerpiece with very long strings. This still allows the guests to see each other and fills a high ceiling reception hall nicely.

I frequently alternate tall and low centerpieces in the same reception - it creates an interesting effect that is "different" from the usual wedding reception decor.

Stagger the Look of the Head Table

As you can see in the wedding reception pictures below, it isn't always necessary for the head tables to be one long line. Group small clusters of tables for your wedding party.

If possible, you may place the bride and groom on a platform behind the wedding party table. Before renting your reception hall - ask to see pictures of how the room can be set up.

Draping with Fabrics and Tulle

Experiment with table skirting draping. Using different patterns of materials, different colors, tussie mussie knots of flowers at the point of the tuck. Note that the underlying skirts in this photo is two different complementary colors, burgandy and deep rust orange.

Spotlight your Wedding Cake

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Make sure your wedding cake is placed where it can be admired by all your guests. What's the point of spending big bucks on a cake if it is stuck off in a corner where nobody can see it?

If space is a priority, consider placing it in the center of the dance floor. Cut your cake early and have it moved out of the way before the first dance.

Questions to ask BEFORE a Wedding Reception

Be sure when you rent your hall to make note of all the electrical outlet locations, the number of tables available, where you will need extra extension cords and possible table setup plans. Ask if ladders are available, if there are any restrictions to hanging lights, tulle etc, from the walls or the ceilings.

Be sure of the policy of open candle flames and table setup meeting fire code regulations. Be sure to note where all fire extinguishers are located and if all exits are marked plainly with lit signs. Note the number of bathrooms and how the traffic flow will be.

Hope you have enjoyed these lovely wedding reception pictures. If you have some of your own to share . . . please pass them along!

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