Wedding Reception Ideas

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Truly a picture is worth a thousand words. If you have tall ceiling at your venue, add height to some of your centerpieces. Tall empire vases, birch branches, topiaries and balloons can fill up some of that empty space and not make the room seem to swallow your centerpieces.

Don't forget to work with your location. Table cloths, flowers on mantles and lighting should pull your look together - not clash with the surroundings.

Not everything has to be the same color. Different shades on various tables can add depth and warmth to a room, yet still stay in the same color scheme.

Notice how the cool blues and greys change the look completely from the warm browns above. What colors will your flowers enhance the best?

Notice how the warm rosy colors of the tablecloths were complimented by a similiar, yet deeper color on the mantle. It provided a lovely contrast with the wall color.

Here the bride deepened the warmth of the room with a combination of oranges, brown tones and golds. This was further emphasized with the addition of candlelight.

Hot pink coverings and floral prints were a bold contrast to the brilliant white of a tent interior.

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Cool blue cloths gave a spring like look when paired with the brightly colored mixed pastels of the centerpieces.

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