Wedding Reception Flowers

Standing Hand-Tied Bouquet

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Looking for imaginative wedding reception flowers? How about a standing bouquet? Easy to make - these sweet bouquets can also be duplicated as bridesmaids bouquets.

Regular hand-tied bouquets can be a little tricky to manage one handed - but the task is made simple with a Bravo bouquet holder from Oasis. Filled with florist foam, this simple holder can be turned into beautiful designs with a minimum of fuss.

Since the water source is actually from the bouquet holder, use florist clay or a pin frog to secure the stems on the bottom of a shallow vase and then fill with decorative rock, marbles or water beads.

Water beads are tiny little beads that are soaked in water to become a glistening, shimmery mass of beads that are light, easy to use, come in a variety of colors and add so much to every arrangement!

Check out my supplies store for the most up-to-date and innovative floral supplies you need to create your own beautiful table decorations. You'll find bling-bling, wedding bouquet holders, florist foam and more.

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