Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

If you're planning for your big day, I'm sure you could use some wedding reception decoration ideas.

You'll find links for decorating with tulle, some cheap decorating ideas, and inspirations for your table centerpieces.

Decorating with Tulle

Decorating with tulle is a great way to stretch your bridal budget. Whether you are looking how to put a tulle bow on a chair, how to make a tulle bow, or other reception decor ideas, be sure to check out this link.

Decorating with Tulle

Table Centerpieces

Want to learn how to make your own table centerpieces? Most florists get their flowers imported from South American. The same farms are beginning to sell directly to brides on the internet. That puts a powerful buying opportunity in your hands.

You will see plenty of centerpieces throughout all the pages on this site! It really isn't that hard to make your own bridal centerpieces if you use the right floral products. It is important that you use the same things a professional florist uses to save time, money . . . and most important - make your flowers last all night long.

When you go out to price everything you need today be prepared for sticker shock. Florists generally use a standard set by FTD, Teleflora and 1-800 flowers.

Most are reluctant to discuss prices over the phone because they prefer you come in for a personal consultation.

If you haven't already, check out some general prices of flowers at these large florists:

FTD centerpieces


Teleflora Corsages and Boutonnieres

Whew!! When corsages start at $26 and boutonnieres at $16.95 . . . you can see it doesn't take long for wedding flower costs to mount up. Simple centerpieces start at $69 or more! Brides begin searching for wedding reception decoration ideas that don't cost and arm and a leg!

Not all brides have the room (or the time) to do all their own floral arrangements. But if you can do just part of them yourself - what could you save? And . . . still have the stuff of your dreams?

Could you see your reception with centerpieces like these?

If you are really ambitious, you can try your hand at something like this:

Most florists use special made products that enables them to produce the gorgeous creations you see in a short time.

They use products like OASIS Design Rings are simply filled in with greenery,

then cut your flowers and insert the day before the day needed.

If you are interested in making centerpieces like these, check out the link at

Table Centerpiece Ideas

Cheap Wedding Ideas

Need to stretch those dollars a little further? This site is loaded with tutorials, photos, suggestions for table decor, outside floral displays and much more. Check out some inexpensive ideas here.

and get some pointers on saving money. There are more wedding reception decoration ideas and more in this website. Be sure to check out the Flower Arranging section to learn how to make your own bridal bouquets.

Discount Florist Supplies

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