Wedding Reception Decor

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Wedding reception decor is always a big challenge - what to do with so much SPACE? Different size rooms needs different styles of arrangements. Click on each thumbnail picture below to get ideas from general ideas to lofting balloons.

If you plan to decorate the reception hall yourself, the primary thing is to GET ORGANIZED! Think about everything you need and take it to the hall. Don't forget items such as step stools, ladders, extra extension cords, duct tape, scissors and hand tools. This will save many exasperating trips back home or to the local discount store!

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Before you set off to decorate your reception hall, gather some handy tools and supplies and put them in one box. To create gorgeous wedding reception decor, you'll need tape, masking tape, light wire, extension cords, scissors (several pairs), a sharp knife, zip ties and safety pins. You'll see how invaluable having these extra things handy will be when someone says "do you have a . . .?" and you whisk it right out! Don't forget ladders, step stools, hammers, pliers and anything else you can think of!

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