Wedding Reception
Centerpiece Ideas

Amazing wedding reception centerpiece ideas from the designers at Florist's Review! Decorate terra cotta pots with coarse twine, paint or splatter and insert plastic liners. Line these sweet pots down in a row on banquet tables, mantels or altars in front of a church. These have been filled with yellow Asiatic lilies.

Use a Deco Heart from OASIS for a fun, modern centerpiece or wall wreath.

This arrangement combines a tight bunch bouquet that is given height with blades of lemon grass.

"Cool Water" roses or other blue shaded varieties can be arranged in a low sitting pot intermixed with greenery. Pink waxflower is a lovely filler that compliments these roses beautifully.

Masses of flowers create a delicious harmony of color by changing the shades that gradually deepen in hues. Simple seeded eucalyptus adds just the right touch of green to this display.

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