Wedding Planner Online

Peek at the Wedding Planner online at this cool website! Why pay for planning software when this awesome website offers their service for free?

I was scouting around looking at venues offer this service, trying to find a good one to recommend to brides. Hiring a wedding planner can cost big bucks . . . look what this free program can do for you!

Planner Checklist

This amazing program offers to generate 117 point "plan" with lots of different checklists to get you started organizing your big day. A password protected data sytem allows in only the people YOU want to have access to your data. Your information is kept private and not divulged to any third party.

Wedding Budget Plan

Here is a budget idea that gets a gold star in my book! This online software makes an easy place to calculate all the costs contributing to your wedding. You can separate it by "who pays what". Multiple reports can track whether an expense should be paid by the bride's family, the bride, the groom's family or the groom. How easy is that?

If you are on a "low-budget wedding" this is a good way to stay on top of things. (Plus you know who's already paid for what!)

Vendor Reviews

Enter your own personal reviews of wedding party vendors as you talk to each one. This way you can keep straight which were the best wedding vendors you talked to. Their names, addresses and phone numbers will be all kept in one handy spot!

Wedding Event Planning Software

I was amazed - this convenient wedding planner online even has a convenient place to gather all of the details of your planned events. Whether showers, engagement parties, rehearsal night suppers or more, you can keep track with EZ planner. Have all the dates, locations, times, number of people attending, and important notes for each event tracked by this online wedding planner.

Seating Planner

EZ Planner has a seating function makes planning your tables and seating charts a snap. Do you really need big posters or complicated charts to keep track of where your guests are going to sit?

There's even more . . .

This reliable website has been up since 1999 and has lots of good reviews. I could go on and on, but the easiest thing to do is go check it out for yourself! You'll find it at EZ Wedding Planner.

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