Wedding Pew Decorations

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Do you need some ideas on how to make wedding pew decorations? Here are some easy-to-make pew markers.

How to Make Pew Bows

Don't be intimidated into thinking that you have to buy your bows at $5.00 to $8.00 each! Buy a bolt of #9 (narrow)or #40 (wide) satin ribbon and make your own.

How to Make Tulle Pew Bows

Tulle is a netting made from fine woven rayon, cotton, nylon or silk. It comes in a great many colors to match your wedding. The most popular color is white. Buy your tulle for your wedding decorations in 6" bolts.

Don't try to cut widths for bows out of 45" or 56" bolts. You will drive yourself crazy!

Above photo printed with permission by Wilton Cake

Floral Pew Markers using Clips

When arranging flowers for markers, be sure to include a water source. Pew clips work well on pews that have arms that are 2" to 3" thick. These clips also make it easy to hang flowers on baptismal walls, candleabras, etc.

Soak the flower cage in water treated with flower food and snap onto pew clip. Green with leather leaf fern or other greens. Add the flowers to match your wedding. Hang beautiful pew flowers as pictured below down your wedding aisle.

Pew End Arrangments in a Cone

Decorate your pew ends with 12" STYROFOAM® cones and a large LOMEY® Holder. The cone is covered in matching or complimentary fabric to your wedding colors.

Above photo reprinted with permission by Smither-Oasis Co.

It's not skill that's lacking in a DIY bride. It's finding the right products and materials. Most florists (if you've noticed) would rather MAKE the arrangements for you rather than sell you what you need to do it yourself! (Really . . .who can blame them?) If you need floral supplies, corsage leaves, fresh flower products - be sure to visit my DIY Bridal store. I have everything you need to make beautiful bridal bouquets, large floral arrangements, decorating for a reception and much more!

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