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Making wedding pew decorations is easier than you think.  It's a matter of having the correct products and florist supply items that a professional designer uses.

The first step is to always ensure that your arrangements can be attached to pew or chair without damage.  There are several different kinds of pew clamp and holders designed especially for this purpose.

This is a simple video showing how to make fresh wedding flower sprays on a typical pew clamp.  Remember you can always substitute your own flowers and greenery.  The basic design principal remains the same.

You will need:

Begin by processing your bulk flowers correctly.  Using the right floral products and tools goes a long way towards having your wedding flowers last longer.

There are several different styles of foam cages that fit different kinds of pew arms.  The flower designing is the same, but you must be sure that the clamp or basket is the right style for the type of pew that your church has.

You also have the options of tying the cage on with ribbon or tulle.  Whichever you choose, you must be careful not to cause damage to the pew.

Dry pack flowers should be always be cut with their stems under water and then dipped quickly into a bowl of re-hydrator before putting into a bucket of water treated with flower food. 

This draws water quickly up to the flower head and helps "wake up" the flowers faster.

Begin your design by soaking your foam cage or clip in water that has been treated with fresh flower food.  Use the directions on the back of the bottle.  Using too much of Crystal Clear won't hurt your flowers, but not using enough will not feed your flowers properly.

Please don't use home remedies (or internet ones either) for something as important as your wedding flowers.  The professional  floral products I sell have been developed by companies whose sole purpose is to extend the life of dry pack flowers, hydrate them quickly and help them last as long as possible. 

Guessing how much sugar content you need per gallon of water mixed with ginger ale is not very scientific and may prove disappointing.

I would only do something like that as a last resort if the professional products were not available to me.

This video is very straight forward and informative.  Note how gently she has to "work" the Gerbera daisy stems into the foam.  Their stems are very tender and easily crushed. 

Place your fingers close the the foam and push gently, rather than roughly mashing the stems against the foam.

When the design is finished, I highly recommend misting it well with Finishing Touch, which will seal the moisture into the petals and slow down evaporation.

(Note:  remember that professional floral coolers put humidity INTO THE COOLER.  Homes with air conditioners work the opposite - they REMOVE water from the air.

Fresh flowers are bred to last in normal to cool air temperatures - but the flower sealant helps keep the petals from turning transparent by locking moisture into them)

Note how a stem fell out of her design.  Floralock used after the design is finished will help lock those flowers into place, even after handling and transporting them to the church.  I highly recommend it for both bouquets and any type of "hanging" designs such as candelabras and pew arrangements.

Check out more step by step flower tutorials, including those for bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and church arrangements.

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