Wedding Greenery
Ming Fern

Ming fern is a favorite wedding greenery of mine.  I order it so I can use it primarily to add texture and color to bouquets, corsage and boutonniere work.

Use the extra stems in the bunch to add a great detail to your church designs as well.

Fresh ming should be a lighter green and have firm feathery type needles.  Keep ming in water and well misted, or it may turn dry, yellow and shatter when touched.

Just one or two stems placed directly in the center of the other greens is enough to give this urn an extra "wow" factor.

Don't obsess about being real symmetrical at this point.  The design needs a balanced look - but not everything needs to be perfect and look exactly the same. 

See how I placed two stems in the center and then one off to the side at the bottom.

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