Wedding Gazebos

Decorating for Outdoor Weddings

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Decorating wedding gazebos is a challenge because you must consider both the size of the arrangements and the weather conditions.

Have you found the perfect gazebo to use as a rental for your wedding?

If you have, chances are you are now looking for ideas or picture examples of how to decorate a gazebo. A larger gazebo is also known as a pavilion which can seat up to a 100 guests or more.

You need to check out everything about the gazebo you are renting.

  • How big is it and will the guests be inside or outside?
  • Are chairs available and are they included in the rental fee?
  • Are there any restrictions on how you can decorate?May you throw rice, petals, etc?
  • Is there an alternative location nearby in case of bad weather?
  • How much parking is available?

Outdoor Wedding Gazebo Decorations

  • Think big.
  • You are having to compensate for a wide open outdoors. Instead of putting your money in lots of little vases or bows, concentrate on a few large sprays.
  • Think portable.
  • Can you make your arrangements free standing or so they can sit on or hang from the side rails? Remember you may not be allowed to drill holes or staple items.
  • Are there any hooks?
  • If there isn't any hooks, ask if they would install some. You might think “No way!” But I asked exactly that when I had to decorate a gazebo at a country club.
  • I pointed out that it would encourage future wedding rentals. They agreed - and actually called me back and asked where they should put the hooks! So . . . it never hurts to ask.
  • Tie the Arrangments Down
  • I always use large lengths of tulle and tie both my rail arrangements and my freestanding arrangments to the gazebo. Trust me - even small gusts of wind can knock those arrangements right over.

Plan on flowers that hold up well outside.

Choosing heat sensitive flowers like gardenias or stephanotis and they may be drooping before you get a chance to say “I do!”

Spread more color with potted bedding plants.

If your wedding is in the spring or early summer, plan early and pot some colorful annuals. They will provide you with a lot of cheap wedding flowers plus you get the added bonus of planting them at your home later. Put them in shallow containers and lay them directly on the ground. Pull mulch up around them and water them well. It will look like your wedding gazebo had flowers planted just for you!

If you want to use candles, consider using battery operated candles.

There is less aggravation because there will be no problems of wind blowing them out.

If you make bows . . . make them big!

  • It looks silly to have gift size bows on a large structure. Use pull bows - they make up quickly and saves you lots of time. The pull bows you see here on the side of the gazebo were enormous - but they needed to be that big to show up against the wedding gazebo.

If you want outdoor lighting for gazebos, consider tiki torches. Tiki lights aren't just cheap bamboo anymore. Check out the seasonal sections of your local discount or home improvement stores. Many tiki torches are very classy, come in several neutral colors and sometimes have handy hooks on the sides.

I decorated these lights with a couple of sections of OASIS® Garland.

I then used the rest of the OASIS® Garland to make a hanging garland above the bride and groom's heads in the gazebo. The swag in the center is made with a Grand OASIS® foam cage.

For the side rails I used a floral product called a OASIS® RAQUETTES® Holder. It is a block of OASIS® foam with a built in water tray and is sealed in green film. You soak it, poke it with a knife and stick the flowers in.

They are so easy to decorate and transport! They are very heavy when wet and do not knock over easily. See how beautiful these decorated ones look on the side rails of the wedding gazebo. The raquette holders come both in an 18", 27" and 36" lengths.

They are also easy to pick up and take to the reception. They then do double decorating duty by sitting in the centers of long tables or on the edges of bridal tables.

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