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 "Wholesale" Pricing Comparison

Buying wedding flowers wholesale is a real challenge - especially if you aren't a flower shop with a genuine resalers license.  That's really what wholesale is all about.  Buying at a discounted price (without paying sales tax) and reselling at a higher price.

Don't get sucked in by all the hype online.  Wholesale flower outlets may be requiring you to buy in large lots (like a flower middleman) - but the prices you are going to pay are likely to be inflated.

I've scoured the internet looking for reputable websites that I can recommend with a clear conscious to my DIY brides.  Truth is, I was shocked by the large quantities that many "wholesale" sites are requiring their customers to buy, while claiming to have free shipping.

Well - you may not get charged shipping at the bottom of the invoice, but believe that the flower price is well padded with the shipping already calculated into it.

I originally created this website with intent only to sell the hard goods - products like bouquet holders, containers, florist foam and other floral supply - and simply refer brides to online website for their fresh flowers.

I have changed my mind and have made fresh flowers available to my DIY brides.  I work with a reputable flower wholesaler that has been in business for over 60 years.  They are family owned and I've met them personally and have dealt with them day in and day out for years.  I can vouch that they will treat my customers well and guarantee what they sell.

That said - let's do a little comparison shopping...

Hydrangeas are a popular wedding flower in season.  The beautiful large heads come in beautiful tints and are simply gorgeous in bouquets and centerpieces.

When you compare websites selling hydrangeas, be sure to compare the right varieties.  They come in different size heads and that can influence the price.

Here's a screen shot from a top rated wholesale website.  This company often pops to the top when searching "wholesale flowers" online.

Hydrangeas are sold 10 to a grower's bunch, so the minimum purchase is 2 bunches. That works out to be $6.49 per stem - $4.75 per stem if you purchase 40 stems

  • Please note that prices can fluctuate according to market price.

Here's hydrangeas through my online store.  I allow you to buy as little as a single bunch at still a lower price than their 2 bunch price.  You'll save even more if you buy more.

Know what?  I certainly don't claim my products are wholesale priced.  But in reality - theirs isn't either.  I generate frequent sales on fresh supplies and sell overstock items at a reduced price.  I try to charge realistic prices and then add in the shipping costs.  (Overnight shipping is expensive . . . )

  Trust me - the customer who chooses to buy from a website that claims they have "free shipping" ends up paying for shipping by having to pay the inflated pricing or concede to the demand that they buy an outrageous amount of product.   It's the only way businesses online can operate.

I would rather charge a fair price and a reasonable shipping fee.  Check out another page where I show the differences in common filler flowers.

But one of the biggest problems I see is that wholesale sites should be providing the customer with access to the professional florist supplies that flower shops use.  These products are basic, inexpensive and certainly do extend the life of your wedding flowers.  This is invaluable if you wish to create your designs ahead of time.

I do carry the professional florist supplies that you should use when processing your fresh flowers.  By using a few reasonably priced products, you can treat your own wedding flowers the way a professional florist treats their flowers.

This ensures faster water uptake (from a dry pack stasis during shipping).  This simply means water travels faster from the water bucket to the flower head.

Professional flower food should be measured and used as recommended on the bottle.  Too little doesn't do the flowers much good and too much is simply a waste of product.

Using a flower sealant seals those fragile flower petals after designing and extends life of flowers as well.

RosePro is a great solution for extending the life of your wedding hydrangeas.  Check out a short video explaining how to properly process hydrangeas.

So always do some comparison shopping.  Read the fine print (including the part where the sites are allowed to substitute flowers).  

These are live products and there are lots of quality sites out there.  But you need to comparison shop and see where you get the best buy AND all the products you need to create your own beautiful wedding flowers!

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