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DIY brides often scour the internet for flower bargains, buying from online wholesale sites.  While the term "wholesale" may sound cheaper, sometimes it simply means that you have to buy in larger quantities.

Scabiosa typically sells in grower's bunches of ten stems.  Some of the most popular flower sites demand that you buy 10 bunches or more.   That's fine if you need that much, but the price can mount up quickly if you have to buy every flower variety in such large quantities.

I never intended to sell fresh flowers online, but was exasperated that my brides were forced to buy more that necessary into order to do their own wedding flowers.

I now carry fresh flowers in my own online store, shipped from a reputable wholesale that I have dealt with for many years.  They service a large region of flower shops across the state of Florida and more.  I like that they stand behind their product and strive to please every customer.

I have created an online Wedding Flower Calculator. I use the same method to estimate the number of flowers needed when I service weddings myself.  It's important to order enough flowers - but a waste if you order way more than you need.

Create your own flower recipes (counting out each bouquet and centerpieces) and consult it when you design your own flowers.  This way you know you won't go overboard when designing your wedding flowers and run short in the end.  Allow for typical broken stems or less than perfect flowers.  Fresh flowers are a field grown product subject to nature and to being handled by delivery personal.  A good wedding designer knows and expects a small amount of wastage and allows for it.

Blue scabiosa is a wonderful flower with an interesting look.  The color ranges from a cool blue tone to lavender hues.  It is generally only available in the fall from August to November.  It is also available in white.

Wedding flowers

What if you want to make mixed bouquets and don't NEED 100 stems?  That's why it's best to buy your online wedding flowers in single grower bunches.  That way YOU stay in control of your flower budget!

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