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Wholesale wedding flower sites try to convince you that you are buying at wholesale prices, but often you are simply being forced to buy in large quantities like a wholesale florists - but quoted an inflated price.

Many flower farms are simply wanting to sell their primary flowers (usually roses, calla lilies and Gerberas) . . . but greenery is sometimes way overpriced or available in only large amounts.

Florists know the value of good greenery.  It adds beauty and unique design elements, but should run cheaper per bunch, thus saving the bride money.

Greenery is generally sold by weight rather than by stems, typically called a "Grower's Bunch".  Obviously this is because of the variety and sizes of the stems and leaves, which can differ.

Salal leaves are a gorgeous accent.  They make a beautiful collar ring around a bridal bouquet, make a perfect backing for a boutonniere or corsage or can fill out an altar spray beautifully.

The bouquet

Compare prices - most wholesale flower sites require you buy at  least ten bunches.  This is how farms typically pack salal leaves for sale to a wholesale distributor.  That is a LOT OF LEAVES!! 

Popular online wholesale flower distributers, including (which requires a 10 bunch minimum, making you invest almost $100 in salal alone!) or BloomsBytheBox (which sells single bunches, but at almost $6 a bunch more) . . . you can see where my frustration grew when trying to recommend a good online flower wholesaler to my brides.

I started out only intending to sell the professional florist hard goods (bouquet holders, florist foam, centerpiece supplies and more) - but finally decided to move into the fresh flower market as well in order to give brides a choice of competitively priced fresh flowers and greens so they could save money by providing their own labor.

Don't believe the hype of "free delivery".  At those prices and quantities - the final cost is well padded to accommodate those costs.  I won't claim to be wholesale (I have to sell retail in order to stay in business!) but I do ship through a reputable wholesale florist who has been in business for over 60 years.  I know them personally and have dealt with them for over seven years.  I know they treat their customers (and me) right. 

We make available everything you need in a one stop online shopping trip to create your bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, boutonnieres and ceremony pieces. 

I refuse to ship flowers (even some popular ones) that I know won't arrive at their best when shipped by FedEx (the same way everybody else ships).  The flowers must be hardy enough to withstand an overnight trip in a delivery truck.  The cost of shipping in a refrigerated truck is astronomical and not available in all areas. 

In my mind - educating the DIY bride is the key to success and having her be totally satisfied at the end of her wedding day.  I strive to provide free step by step tutorials to show her everything from correctly processing the dry packed flowers to creating her own beautiful wedding designs that involve more that just a bunch of roses tied together.

So be smart, read the fine print and comparison shop before you buy.  You CAN create your own beautiful wedding flowers . . . and I'll show you how!

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