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Dark Red Roses

Buying wedding flowers through a wholesale online store is an experience you need to research.  Not all websites claiming to be "wholesale" really save you money.

The truth is that many of those farm sites insist you buy in large quantities, but don't really give you the same price that a wholesale flower distributor enjoys when purchasing the same flowers from them.

Farms often discourage the purchase of greenery and other flowers commonly used by florists to create original looks.  Wholesale distributors are focused on selling huge quantities of their main crop, such as roses, Gerbera daisies and calla lilies. 

Greenery, however, (commonly used by florists to stretch a wedding budget because of the cheap price) is often overinflated.   They require the purchase of 8 to 10 bunches, which is often much more than a DIY bride needs for a small wedding.

I started out with the intention of teaching brides how to save money by creating their own wedding bouquets.  I only meant to sell hard goods, leaving the fresh flower products for large online farms to ship. 

I grew frustrated, however, when I noticed that on these sites the flower prices are sometimes way over priced, often requiring the purchase of ten bunches or more to buy a common flower such as baby's breath.

I decided to add fresh flowers to my online store.  I ship directly from a wholesale floral distributor that I've worked with for over seven years.  They are a Christian family owned enterprise that prides themselves on delivering quality products to all their customers (including mine!)

I've work with them daily and have been to their warehouse many times.  I feel confident about recommending their products and use them for my own in house weddings that I service.

Roses have been a favorite with brides for many years.  I have created an online calculator so the DIY bride can calculate exactly how many flowers and bunches of greens that she needs for her own wedding. 

I sell by single bunches, not insisting on inflated quantities in order to offer "free shipping".  Don't always believe all the hype - most of those prices are well padded in order to advertise a "free shipping" claim.

I don't sell wholesale.  This means that anyone, even those without a retailer's license, can buy the same floral products needed to create beautiful wedding flowers in their home. I charge a reasonable overnight shipping fee and try to help the bride actually save money by having everything she needs in one place with one shipping fee.

I outline step by step tutorials, showing brides just what is needed to condition and process those flowers so they will stay at their peak longer.  Buying flowers includes more of a commitment - yet you can save money by providing your own labor.  You need to be committed to using the same products and procedures that a professional florist does.  These products aren't that expensive, but go a long way between distinguishing the difference between an amateur and a professional design.

I cringe when I watch some DIY Youtube videos.  The patter spouted and demonstrated (such as forcing floral foam beneath the water surface) are real "no no" techniques, chancing that the foam will have dry spots inside that can spell death to a flower stem.

I also refuse to sell certain flowers, knowing that they simply don't travel well in FedEx or UPS trucks.  I've yet to see a site that doesn't deliver in regular ground trucks, since shipping by refrigerated trucks is rarely available and costs a fortune to the DIY bride.  I think it's better to be honest upfront and recommend against buying certain flowers because they don't travel well.

Complaints to other flower websites simply result in being told they can be refunded the price or substituted something different.  This is stressful for any wedding day.  I'd rather give honest recommendations to the bride and give thoughtful recommendations on flowers that hold up well and will be beautiful rather than disappointing.

You'll find a wide variety of flowers available, with a large assortment of greenery that holds up well and stretches that flower budget.

Check out favorites like dark red roses.  This bouquet features gorgeous vibrant roses ringed with galax leaves


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