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Violet/Lavender Roses

When I began my website, I focused on teaching DIY brides how to make their own wedding flowers and save money.  My online store carried the necessary products that florists use to treat and design flowers.  My intent was to sell the hard goods and recommend quality wholesale websites for the bride's needs.

I was discouraged, however, to read the fine print on many popular flower sites and see that they demanded that my customers buy in large quantities.  This is frustrating.  How many brides actually NEED ten bunches of filler flower?

This rather restricts the bride from buying several different flower varieties and a mix of interesting greenery.  I believe the farm's main goal is to sell a lot of their main crop (roses) and discourage the sale of greenery.  (Why else would it be priced so high?)

I have begun offering fresh flowers (available in single bunches) to my customers along with everything else they need to create beautiful flower (while actually saving money!)

I encourage every bride to use the Wedding Flower Calculator to create flower recipes and know exactly how much they need to order.  This allows her to have more freedom once freed from having to order in such large quantities.

Lavender roses have a tendency to lean more towards pinkish violet (red) undertones than blue undertones - even though they may be referred to as a "blue rose".  

Always keep in mind that fresh flowers aren't a box of crayons.  Look for your flowers to compliment and enhance your wedding palette . . . not match a color exactly.  Florists sometimes "cheat" by deeping the tones of a flower with a spray tint made especially for fresh flowers.

Wedding bouquet

Photo Courtesy Carolina Chiao via flickr

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