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Lavender Carnations

At the beginning of my website, I was intent on teaching creative brides how to design their own wedding florals and save $$$ in the process.   I created a small online store that carried the necessary floral products that professional use when doing flower work.  I was only going to sell the hard goods and refer my customers to popular online flower farms.

As I began scanning these websites, however, it frustrated me that they required such large quantitites before making a purchase.  C'mon?   How many brides actually NEED ten bunches of filler flower?

This kind of dampens any creativity other than carrying a simple clutch of roses.  I believe the farm's main goal is to sell a lot of their main crop (roses) and discourage the sale of greenery.  (It seems it's not only flowers, but common greenery that is priced out of reach.)

I have begun offering fresh flowers (available in single bunches) to my customers along with everything else they need to create beautiful flower (while actually saving money!)

Before buying flowers online, every bride should make use of a  Wedding Flower Calculator to keep careful track of exactly how many flowers she needs to order to stay within her budgeted amount.

Lavender carnations became instantly popular when they burst on the flower scene a few years back.  These lovely flowers come in different shades of purple, from pale lavender to the deepest purple.

They are a beautiful way to accent your purple wedding scheme and you can see how stylish even a couple of stems can be when paired with decorative wire and beaded wire

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