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Green Button Mums

Learn how to shop carefully online.  When I first began my website, I provided free tutorials and taught brides how to treat their flowers like a professional florist would.  I never intended on selling anything other than the florist hard goods that DIY brides would have trouble finding elsewhere.

Then I began to take a close look at the "wholesale" flower site.  I was dismayed that they required brides to buy in huge quantities (like a wholesale distributor would) without really giving them a true break in the price.

I decided to offer fresh flowers along with the florist supplies needed to create wedding flowers.  I don't claim to sell wholesale, but I do allow the brides to buy in single bunches and charge reasonable amounts for assorted greenery.  For some reason, farms are charging outlandish prices for greens - which is weird because florists use greens to STRETCH the flower budget - not inflate it!

The only thing I can figure out is that they just don't want to mess with packing and shipping greens!

Check out my flower selection.  I sell only what I think will pack, ship by ground and arrive in good condition.  There are some delicate flowers that I just don't think holds up well in non-refrigerated trucks and refuse to take a chance on giving the bride extra stress right before her wedding!

I adore button mums.  Chrysanthemums are a hardy flower and hold up well for many days.  They provide a bright splash of color and look beautiful massed in bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and centerpieces.

They are available in several different colors.  I highly recommend that a DIY bride takes a good look at this snazzy flower and incorporate it into her wedding designs!

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