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Dark Purple Stock

Brides sometimes get frustrated when shopping online for wholesale flowers.  Websites by flower farms often demand that their customers buy single varieties in large quantities.  If you look at the supposed "retail" price, it is greatly inflated.  Many times the quoted "wholesale" price is as much as you would pay at a retail flower shop.

Does this really save you money?  When I started this website, my intention was to teach the DIY bride to make her own wedding flowers by offering free step by step tutorials, then providing a source for those professional flower products that are sometimes hard to find.

I never intended on selling fresh flowers.  However, as I scoured the internet looking for reputable flower sites to recommend to my customer, I was discouraged by the large quantities that most seemed to required.  How many brides NEED ten bunches of filler flower?  That is a lot of flowers when one bunch can usually do all the corsage and boutonniere work for an average wedding.

The only solution seemed to be to offer fresh flowers to my own customers.  I offer a large range of flowers that can be purchased one single bunch at a time. 

This includes assorted greenery.  (For some reason - greenery is priced very high at the popular flower sites.  I suspect this is because they do not grow the greenery, thus they inflate the price to discourage customers from buying it. )

Take, for example, leather leaf fern.  This product is cheap for a florist and used to stretch a flower budget.  Five average stems can quickly green in and hide the foam for an average centerpiece.  Even if you don't want greenery to show, hiding the mechanics is a number one rule for good design work. 

I get annoyed when a website claims that leather leaf fern "retails" for around 75 cents a stem, thus making their price of $79.99 for 100 stems a "wholesale" price.  REALLY?  I purchased some leather leaf by the stem from a local flower shop in a well known grocery store and paid 30 cents a stem . . . retail.  The $79.99 price is closer to retail in my area. 

The problem is compounded when the DIY bride is required to buy 100 stems.  That works for a large wedding or when she intends to make a lot of centerpieces.  But what about the bride who only needs to do a bridal bouquet and three bridesmaids bouquets? 

That's why she should use a Wedding Flower Calculator before ordering any flowers.  This is the same method I use when I figure up a wedding.  I order only the amount of flowers I need.  If I was forced to order 10 bunches of every flower or greenery I needed for a wedding order,  my quotes would be way out of control and I would be priced right out of the market.

I will never claim that I sell wholesale.  (I wouldn't stay in business long if I did.)  But I do try to price my fresh flowers, greenery and hard goods so that the DIY bride actually saves money by providing her own labor. 

Stock is one of my favorite flowers.  It is hardy and holds up well in bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and centerpieces.  It comes in pinks, white, purples and has a lovely, spicy scent. 

It makes a stunning addition to this wedding bouquet and compliments the pink roses and green leaves beautifully.

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