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Before you jump into buying your wedding flowers through a wholesale website, be sure to compare prices and learn how to read past the hype.  Just because it claims to be wholesale doesn't necessarily mean you are going to save money.  Sometimes it just means that you are going to have to buy in big amounts like a flower distributor does.

Greenery is often a product that is greatly inflated in price.  Claiming that a simple bunch of leaves should cost you $16.99 is outrageous. 

I never intended to sell fresh flowers.  I was going to carry the professional floral supplies that wedding florists use when creating their flower designs and leave the fresh flowers to the wholesale farm sites.

I became disgusted, however, when I read the fine print and saw the prices that they claimed were "wholesale" or that they touted "free shipping"!   Well . . . the shipping should be free.  The prices are padded more than enough.

I do now sell fresh flowers and wedding greenery.  I don't demand that you buy huge quantities or have a retailer's license.  I sell in single bunches so you can buy just what you need.  If you need help in figuring it out, check out my free wedding flower calculator.  This is the same method I use when figuring up a wedding and how much product I will need.

I love greenery and showing you creative ways to use it in wedding designs.  Some of these sites, however, inflate the price so much that a DIY bride would be crazy to get a little creative in her flowers.

Bupleurum was a favorite among the designers in the flower shop that I used to work.  It had a fresh spring green color that simply popped against vibrant colors.   

Bridal Bouquet - Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co in Princeton, N.J., and Yardley, Pa.

Buy as much or as little as you need and use in bridal bouquets, corsage work or boutonnieres.  You'll love the unique look and the contrast it lends to any bouquet design.

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