I know how every bride wants to see Wedding Flowers Pictures Examples . . . anything to get her started on ideas for her own arrangements.

This is simply a gallery of pictures of bouquets and centerpieces I have done over the years. There are lots of examples of different colored bouquets, cascading bouquets, and other decorations. Hope you find some good ideas for YOUR special flowers!

Wedding Bouquet Pink Bridal Flowers

Would you like to see a pink rose bouquet? Or perhaps you are looking for hot pink gerber daisies.

Shades of Pink

Blue Wedding Designs

There are very few fresh blooms that come in a true blue color that are cut and suitable for bridal bouquets. Most "blue" roses are actually more of a lavender or violet color. These pictures examples of blue bridal cascades and hand tieds at this next link.

Shades of Blue

Wedding Red Rose Bouquet

Click on this link to see pictures of fresh red rose bridal bouquets. There is a photo of a red and gold bouquet, red and white, and other arrangements with red in them.

Wedding Red Rose Bouquet

Asiatic Lily

Asiatic and Oriental Lilies are sometimes confused by brides. The lilies are very similar - Oriental lilies are larger and more expensive. The smaller Asiatic Lily works very well in arrangements. They come in bright orange, pinks, reds, yellows and creamy white.

Asiatic Lily Bouquet

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