Wedding Flowers Ideas!

Brainstorming for wedding flowers? Ideas for decorating for wedding receptions, wedding themes, bridal bouquets and much more. Here's the place to get started!

Bling Bling, Decorative Wire and More!

See the newest and the latest in unique bridal bouquets. Make them hot with wire, bling bling, sisal and more!

Click here for Bouquet Bling Bling

Ceremony Moments

How to make your ceremony special. Add in those "ahhh" moments with the Sand Wedding Ceremony, special blessings and more. Click here for some new concepts for ceremonies

Saving on Money!

Needing to shave a little off the bulging bridal budget worksheet?See some ways to choose "cheap flowers" . . .while having truly beautiful bouquets. Who says cheap stuff has to look cheap?

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Thinking "Out of the Box"

More creative ideas from the best of top designers. See hanging garlands, picture wreaths, and more.

Top Designer Tricks

Unique Table Centerpieces

See how to add inexpensive globes to your flower arrangements, the glow of battery lights and a new way to make a Hurricane centerpiece . . .it's easier than it looks!

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Mixing Flowers and Fruit

A new twist on lemons . . add them to a centerpiece. Here is a cool way to create edible bouquets that look DE-LICIOUS!

Click here for Fruit Table Centerpiece

Unique Wedding Ideas

Creative ways to make a real impact on your wedding guests. It's those "extra touches" that get noticed!

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Candleabras . . .Church Flowers . .

Fun candelabra decor, new ways to add your monogram to your church decorations, and and new idea for vases . . .submerged flowers! Click here to see these.

Wholesale Florist Supply

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